so excited!!

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This has been one of the best weekends in a while (largely because the weather was amazing and we had lots of great plans.) Friday night we went out with the lovely Sharon and Travis for pizza at Mia’s Pizza in Bethesda. Aside from the marginal service the rest of the meal was quite enjoyable and the company was great. They even endured the traffic on 495 with us.

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early, luckily it was warm enough for Roxy to start up, to drive up to Warminster, PA. We were a little worried that driving 174 miles nonstop would be a little rough on her since she hasn’t been driven at all this winter but she was a trooper (so was lucy) and she made it all the way to Schimmel’s without a single problem. We left her in very competent, trustworthy, and talented hands. We’re both very excited to get her back in a few weeks and be confident when we take her out on the road that the likelyhood of shit going south is a lot lower than it was before we took her to Schimmel’s.

teh Stubs and Roxy!

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I was lucky enough to spend a bit of the weekend with the lovely Genevieve a little while ago. I got to meet a new addition to her family, Stubbs the little manx cat who likes to lick the tabs on pillows in the middle of the night. It was refreshing spending time around a doxie again, especially one as sweet as Roxy. She was also great entertainment when she started chasing around the laser beam.

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Udvar Hazy Center

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The 18th Annual Virginia British Motorcycle Club Rallye

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H2Oi 2008

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hooray roxy!

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and my lovely folded drawer

and ikea!

and carson!

aaaaaaaaaand the room that we will not speak of.

wheeeeeeeeeeee sewing!

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bomber seats by Jason Kress
so Jason recently got a sewing machine so that we could make seat cushions for his awesome seats that he recently made.

I have a general idea as to the construction of the seat cushions but I’d like better directions just to make sure I’m going about this right. in my search for “how to sew seat cushions” I found this site! Burda Style is an ‘Open Source’ sewing site, members can upload patterns and share how-to’s and various other things. I’m very excited to try my hand at other projects outside of car stuff. I used to sew skirts and purses in high school until I broke the sewing machine ):

wish me luck!

vagfair 2008!

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we decided at the last minute that we did indeed want to make the trek up to york, pa (which I think I kind of fell in love with) for vagfair. despite the thunder, lightening, and big fat rain drops that kept rolling in we had a great time. the drive home was a little scary due to the threat of hail but we just barely missed it.

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we survived jersey

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we barely survived jersey. all in all the show was fun and enjoyable and worth going against the promise we made to each other three years ago.

let me just start with it was HOT. here, let me emphasize how hot it was by putting the word hot in bold red. it was HOT. it should never take anyone more than 3 and a half hours to drive to Englishtown, Nj. but it took us over 5 hours to get to and leave the place I hope we never return to. the condition of the roads, the no left turns, the jersey mom’s checking out my husband, the drive hot oven breeze… at least there were misters and we had a wonderful tent to sit under while at the show. thank you kinetic.

enough whining. here are some photos.

everyone loved roxy (:


but we survived them.

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roxy is such a show off

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a detail shot of the door cards Jason custom fab’d (with a little helpful direction from me)

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