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it was time for me to go back down to that god forsaken city that I once loved, until you came along. I had to leave to go back to school. winter break was over and it was time for me to say temporary good byes. we had spent the previous weekend locked in each other’s embrace. refusing to let go. refusing to stop loving. it had only been a few weeks since we first came together but it felt like an eternity. leaving felt like breaking my heart.

it was the night before I was being driven back down to richmond. you came by for one last goodbye. a hug. a kiss. don’t let me go. you quickly handed me a little folded up piece of paper.

“don’t look at it until I leave.”

I didn’t want you to leave. I didn’t wan to leave. please stay. tell me I have to stay. tell me I can’t go. ever.

you kissed me. one more time. just once more, please.

and then you were gone. tail lights fading down the street. I stood there until I couldn’t hear your exhaust anymore. I stood there waiting for you to drive back. but you knew it had to be this way.

I reached into my pocket and stared at the folded up paper. carefuly, I opened it and my heart immediately swelled. I couldn’t help but start to cry. tears of happiness, of joy, of sadness at having to leave.

but I came back. months later, I came back. you didn’t ask for your heart back. you asked me to keep it as long as I wanted to. this time when I came back, I came back for good. some said I shouldn’t move to be closer to you. some said I was running away from responsibility. some said I was running to unrealistic ideas. the important ones said, “do what your heart tells you.”

I still have your heart. I carry it around with me everywhere I go. moving back here was the best decision I have made in the past, well, ever. maybe I did move back to be with you. maybe I convinced myself VCU’s photo program sucked so that I would think it was the right choice moving back here. maybe I’m blinded by love even to this day.

if I am, I hope it stays that way.

let it be known…

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I have the bestest boyfriend EVER. in the entirety of absolutely everything. beautiful flowers [quickly becoming my favorite], sweet tasty treats, reading material, and fun stuff to keep me busy while I slowly try to get better.

too bad I wasn’t there to receive this in person. ): wish I had been there to jump into his arms and love all over him and “thank you” a million times and smother him in super closed mouth kisses [don’t want to get him sick you know]

thank you Jason (: you’re the best thing to ever happen to me.

please welcome …

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this is harrold. he’s a baby dracaena. please welcome him to the office plant family.

patricia is a “charmed velvet” or a oxalis. viola is a “concord blue” or a streptocarpella hybrid. please welcome the ladies [and harrold] to the family.

and as a special treat. aside from my feet and the pc and bits of popcorn left over by someone who likes popcorn [namely, not me] I keep a little stash of tasties in the morning [since I’m here at 6:30 in the morning and leave just in time for lunch].

this photo was in now way edited in photoshop aside from the usual levels correction and resizing

the closeup

where have you been all my life?

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yes please.


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the smooths didn’t like the snow as much as the long hairs. they just hid under my car.

more snow photos here

I took a few photos today (:

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I finally broke my baby back out and took a few shots. just playing around.

a year ago today…

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who knew that a year ago today something would happen that would change our lives forever. we would start to move in a direction that we both had dreamed of but were too afraid to act on. who knew that all it would take was a dare and doubt slowly being overcome by the reality that unfolded before us in time.
who knew, that what I felt for you from the first moment I met you would become what it has today and what it’s growing into evermore. …we all knew I would be extremely mushy and gushy about it, it’s how I’ve always been. always dreaming.

but not anymore.

the bonsai museum

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words can’t even begin to describe how I felt seeing these majestic and beautiful trees. being able to walk through the gardens with jason. the calm that overcame the both of us. the excitement at growing, cultivating, and training our own. I can’t even being… and these photos don’t do these works of art justice…

it was a good weekend.

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can you tell? I’m sorry but I’m too lazy to put this in the pretty viewer and I’m too tired to edit the photos any further.

jason was naughty before the show even started!

he was even naughtier as the show was ending!

to say the least it was good times, the colors aren’t quite right but I’m exhausted so you’ll have to excuse me. enjoy!

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