ah, george town.

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so I finally cleaned my memory card

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the biter

I’m on fire!

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jump for joy! I’m posting real photos!

what do you mean I have ashy legs? I’m white!

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I really am a strange girl. I keep my shoes in a dresser drawer. mostly because the drawer isn’t being used by anything else as I don’t have that much clothes and I needed somewhere to put my shoes so they don’t get chewed up by the dogs.

you would also think I have some kind of dry skin problem considering how much FREAKING lotion I have. what’s pictured here isn’t everything. there is more. tucked away from sight so that people don’t start asking questions…

zwei // backstage at a fashon show

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he’s a champ.

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bye bye richmond

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it was nice knowing you.

portraits: day four

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portraits: day three

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portraits: day two

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laney sullivan

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