this made the day a little bit better

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found on loveyourchaos

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photo credit: not me

in my head…

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…this is how I feel most days.

PEW PEW PEW indeed…

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courtesy of Mark. one can never be without some good poop humor.

Thank you!!!

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Thank you so much Teresa and Burgos!!! You two are the best (:

Look where we are now…

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Date: Nov 15, 2004 08:57 PM
Subject: I was…
Body: going to leave you a profile comment but I saw yer way too loved and trendy so I thought I would make it more personal…

I love ya k8. I really do, dead honest.

I have no idea what’s in our stars nor do I hope for things to come but I just wanted you to know that I care for you immensly. Yer a great forgiving friend and I realised certain things about you last weekend that I never really saw before. I may even be starting to swoon for you. I know, shut the fuck up, but I do.

If things were different, I would honestly ask for your hand.


Dear journal

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You’re so much prettier on a mac. Everything is so much more crisp and colorful. My thanks go out to Jason, the boobear of all boobears.

You rock my socks right off.

Seattle here I come!

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I’ll be in Seattle for work this upcoming week. Any suggestions as to where to go, what to do, what to eat?

Washington Humane Society 22nd Annual Bark Ball

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location scouting

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