Bugout 65

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it was our 5th year anniversary of attending Bugout at Old Dominion Speedway. took a few photos in between detailing my car, enjoying delicious margaritas, and hanging out with fellow enthusiasts. enjoy!

little Liam came to hang out for a little bit during the day. when it got to hot momma took him back home for a nap. so leetle!!

where in the world are Vieve and Kate?

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bugout 65

the Eastern Market, the Captial, and the Asian festival

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hooray for gtgs at VWoA

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for future references.

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may not be going January of next year but good to consider for the future, ISS Long Beach.

I miss writing

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I wake up every morning to emails from Daily Candy, one from Philly, one from NYC, and one from DC. I usually glance over the Philly and NYC ones because all that info is local to the respective cities and often the deals aren’t good enough for me to venture up there. The Daily Candy for DC on the other hand tends to have interesting things I’ve never heard about. The Capitol Letters Writing Center. Happens to be one of those things I never heard about. Once long long ago when I was still living in Richmond and unsure of what direction to take in life I toyed with the idea of pursuing a creative writing career. I’m a horrible story teller when it comes to the spoken word but I found when I let my imagination go on paper it was a whole different story (see what I did there?) There’s something compelling about volunteering for this center. I still have most of my notes from my creative writing class (I wish I could remember my teacher’s name, she was quite successful in getting our creative juices flowing) and hope that I can share some of what I barely remember to kids who are thinking of venturing into creative writing.

The way I see it, this is another way to capture a specific moment in time on paper.

Craige O and Sara!!

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Craig O and Sara were wonderful enough to drive out of their way to see us on their way up from picking up the nicest (and in the best shape) Scirocco I’ve ever seen from Daytona, Fl back to their home in Vermont. We were hoping and anticipating that they’d stay the night but alas, it is supposed to snow in Vermont tomorrow and they opted to drive on to Jersey and hopefully beat the storm. They stayed long enough to catch up a bit, grab some food, and then pop over to VW headquarters. Now we owe them a trip up to Vermont. We’ll fly though (;

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Portraits at the Kress household

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Carson had his senior portraits shot recently. Actually I decided on a whim, the last federal holiday, to set up the lights and back drop in the middle of the den and invite people over to have their portraits shot. Unfortunately since I sent out the invite rather late the night before the portrait session not many people were able to come. Emily was wonderful enough to suffer for my art and Carson is so used to it that he actually enjoys it now.

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Dining Out For Life – eat out to help others

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Saw this on Washingtonian. I will be in the city tomorrow for a seminar anyway. I think I will find a restaurant to eat out to help others. Dining Out For Life – Washington, DC – Participating Restaurants.

Remember Glen Echo Park

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it used to look like this…

I’ll have to see what it looks like for myself and possibly use it as a background… take a look, About Glen Echo Park.

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