mk3 waffle house gtg freezing fun times!

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we drove out to Elkton, Maryland to meet up with a bunch of fellow dubbers who wish the weather would warm up so that we don’t have to stand out in a freezing cold Waffle House parking lot. many of us wandered in for warmth and awesomely sub-par waffles that oft are only meant to be eaten in a drunken stupor and at 3am on a Wednesday. it was great to see those who showed up, the waffles actually weren’t half bad until the drive home, and only a few people teased me about my ride height.

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jkrate NYE 08/09!

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jkrate NYE 08/09

jkrate NYE 08/09

jkrate NYE 08/09

jkrate NYE 08/09

jkrate NYE 08/09

jkrate NYE 08/09

jkrate NYE 08/09

jkrate NYE 08/09

jkrate NYE 08/09

jkrate NYE 08/09

jkrate NYE 08/09

jkrate NYE 08/09

jessie is a dirty little girl and the eurotech gtg

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Friday night gtg

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we survived jersey

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we barely survived jersey. all in all the show was fun and enjoyable and worth going against the promise we made to each other three years ago.

let me just start with it was HOT. here, let me emphasize how hot it was by putting the word hot in bold red. it was HOT. it should never take anyone more than 3 and a half hours to drive to Englishtown, Nj. but it took us over 5 hours to get to and leave the place I hope we never return to. the condition of the roads, the no left turns, the jersey mom’s checking out my husband, the drive hot oven breeze… at least there were misters and we had a wonderful tent to sit under while at the show. thank you kinetic.

enough whining. here are some photos.

everyone loved roxy (:


but we survived them.

see the rest here! or in the snapshot gallery!

100 participants – $50 each!! (DC)

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dance takeover
hmmm two hours of our time for $50? wonder if they already have the max participants…

Reply to:
Date: 2008-07-01, 11:57AM EDT

We need 100 people this SUNDAY JULY 6TH between 12noon-2pm to come down to DC by the National Mall to participate in a dance. And absolutely do NOT need to be professionally trained, this is a “fun” creative dance. We will pay you $50 per person!!

Please respond to this email and INCLUDE your CELL#/EMAIL ADDRESS and the NUMBER OF PEOPLE who will be joining you!

Mrs. Kress!

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Mrs. Kress!, originally uploaded by ohkate.

bugout 63

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this pretty girl got second place in her class (: (modified mk3 gti/jetta)

to see the rest…

we went to a party!

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I saw this and swooned

too many flashes! when do I smile!

out of focus but the jesus phone makes it better!

he cleans up so well *swoon!

I guess I clean up alright (;

pretty decor!

out of focus again but still super cute!

ug. so hot. oh and mine! also, again with the jesus phone. (;

the thumbs up for this party! a hitch hikers thumbs up!

say peas! and goodnight!

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