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need to plan that trip to the beach, remember to bring lots of sunblock, and drive with the top down. singing my little lungs out. bring hearing protection too.

in my head…

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…this is how I feel most days.

oh hai guys, it’s mai birthday!

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whenever you’re having a bad day… just think, “it’s mai birthday…”

*relaxing sigh*

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Today has been a day I didn’t realize I needed. The only thing that would make this day better is if Jason was relaxing with me instead of being stressed at work. Saw Sinakone for the first time in a year and a half, walked around Arlington and gtown, shot some awesome portraits which will be uploaded later, had lunch at the Reston town center, saw enough dachshunds to last me the rest of the month and loads of other awesome dogs, and now I’m sitting in a park eating chocolate frozen yogurt with strawberries and mangos. I didn’t realize how wound tight I was until I sighed and felt the tightness in my shoulders finally receed. Now I just need to make Jason do this.

Dear journal

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You’re so much prettier on a mac. Everything is so much more crisp and colorful. My thanks go out to Jason, the boobear of all boobears.

You rock my socks right off.

enough said.

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Bugout 65

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it was our 5th year anniversary of attending Bugout at Old Dominion Speedway. took a few photos in between detailing my car, enjoying delicious margaritas, and hanging out with fellow enthusiasts. enjoy!

little Liam came to hang out for a little bit during the day. when it got to hot momma took him back home for a nap. so leetle!!

where in the world are Vieve and Kate?

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bugout 65

go laundrew!

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portrait of Kate Kress by Laundrew Diamond
portrait of me by Laundrew Diamond

I just noticed…

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I never put up the photos from our honeymoon… here goes!
our first meal in Aruba

aaaaaaaaaaaaaw I lost this shirt!! ):

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