Craige O and Sara!!

March 9th, 2009 § 0 comments

Craig O and Sara were wonderful enough to drive out of their way to see us on their way up from picking up the nicest (and in the best shape) Scirocco I’ve ever seen from Daytona, Fl back to their home in Vermont. We were hoping and anticipating that they’d stay the night but alas, it is supposed to snow in Vermont tomorrow and they opted to drive on to Jersey and hopefully beat the storm. They stayed long enough to catch up a bit, grab some food, and then pop over to VW headquarters. Now we owe them a trip up to Vermont. We’ll fly though (;

saw this hottness at VW headquarters, I can has pls?

in our hunt for the W12 we stumbled upon this. a work in progress but still, DAMN

the obligatory photos in front of headquarters (:

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