September 14th, 2009 § 1 comment

I’m sorry. I’m just frustrated with myself. reading this guy’s blog just makes me so aware of how lame I’ve become. I’m not who you originally fell in love with and yes, it’s expected that I’ll change but I feel like I’ve become so much more boring and I don’t want you to fall out of love with me as a result of my sloth. I fear that I’m projecting how unhappy I am with myself on you. I’m afraid that I just want to run away from our “problems” and that they’ll continue to haunt me even if we’re in a new location. How do I get past this though? How do I pull myself out of this slump that I’ve let myself fall into and refused to drag myself out of for I don’t even know how long.


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  • Hey, I still love you…..I’m lame too….it happens!
    But cheer up silly, all you have to do is look pretty….and know how to dance. Guess what…..I’ve got 2 little boys now…..ugghhh.
    That’s it……I’m getting neutered! call me sometime when you’re not feeling schmoopy!
    still thinking of you,

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