Welcome home Carson!!

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Carson is finally home. Almost 100% and much better than when he was home last. It’s good to have him home. The house was so empty with him gone.

The nurse said he’s healing well and quickly, he’ll be doing physical therapy in two weeks and will have the stitches removed then as well. He should be just about back to normal after 5 or so weeks they say. We bought a special halter to assist him when he goes up and down stairs.

so nervous…

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Jason recently took Carson to Southpaws Veterinary Center in order to see a hip specialist after we noticed Carson limping more than usual and avoiding putting pressure on his back legs, especially his rear right. Jason was told Carson tore both ACLs in his rear legs, an 80% tear in his right leg and a 20% tear in his left leg. The Dr. highly recommended we do surgery on Carson’s rear right as soon as possible so that the scar tissue doesn’t get any worse than it already is. Carson is no longer able to go up the three flights to get to our condo so Jason has been carrying him (70lbs) every morning and every night.
On the one hand I’m excited we’re doing this because Carson will be able to run and play and have fun again. He knows he is unable to run and as a result is really depressed. On the other hand I am extremely nervous. I want everything to go well and for Carson to be his normal 10 year old puppeh-like-self. I’ve had experience (through my parents) in the past with dropping a good deal of money on a pet only to lose them shortly afterward and am so terrified that (knocks on wood) this could repeat itself. I’m crossing my fingers and praying that this won’t happen but I can’t help hearing that voice in the back of my mind.
On Wednesday please keep Carson in your thoughts and prayers. Some will say he’s just a dog, just an animal, but to Jason and I he’s our little boy.

Carson is a good bed warmer

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sleepeh dog is sleeping

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sleepeh dog is sleeping on my camera bag

cleaned up the memory card

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Portraits at the Kress household

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Carson had his senior portraits shot recently. Actually I decided on a whim, the last federal holiday, to set up the lights and back drop in the middle of the den and invite people over to have their portraits shot. Unfortunately since I sent out the invite rather late the night before the portrait session not many people were able to come. Emily was wonderful enough to suffer for my art and Carson is so used to it that he actually enjoys it now.

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oh Carson!

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I wish I could let you up in the couch.

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wine goggles

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“I know you a-holes are leaving. I can’t believe it…”

Carson is the bestest dog in the whole widest of the world

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I’ve probably posted these before but too bad.

and my favorite!

Carson learned how to swim!

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Carson learned how to swim!, originally uploaded by ohkate.

Jason uploaded the video already!

My little man in action:

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