teh glorious rump

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today starts the “bring back Kate’s glorious rump” effort. it will involve working out in the morning and after work (if I have time) and eating more thoughtfully. the soda is definitely banned, ice cream is allowed in extremely small quantities and infrequently at that, alcohol is cut out (except for tubing for Lear’s birthday), fruits and vegetables will be incorporated more than all the other stuff, and fish will become the main meat in my life (if I can afford it.) I’m tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, it’s time to take charge and sweat it all out.

it took me four months to get to these

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and I honestly have no excuse as to why I waited so long.
first it was aol laying Jason off
then it was adjusting to my new job
then it was my birthday
then it was the holidays
then it was more holidays
and one more holiday and now things are finally slowing down and it’s time to catch up
that’s what you do when the year starts right? try to tie up all the lose ends so that you can start new things.
I’m hoping this is the case, so you can start new things.
anyway. here they are. finally.

the rest can be found here

just got the ok…

March 2nd, 2007 § 1 comment § permalink

here are the other photos I didn’t post earlier out of respect for some new friends. wanted to make sure they didn’t mind me plastering their amazing kids all over my blog. the friends are amazing as well (;

akane and noriko took this (;

ready to have your photo taken?

someone forgot to smile (;

heck yeah I’m cute!

akane took this one!


non holga!

deep intense conversation… I don’t remember what we were talking about.

‘move down here. now. as soon as possible. DO EEEEEEEEEEEEET.’

no photos plz

ok freaking hell. it doesn’t get any cuter than this.

‘I will give you $5 if you run into the water… no it’s not cold!’

‘ok fine. I’ll give you $5 and a quarter.’

‘look even I’ll play in the water. what it’s not deep enough? but it’s wet!’

‘she took my dare! see? there she goes!’ [jk! I’m making this all up!]

‘just $5.25? that’s it? I would’ve gone for $10!’

‘but you’re cute so I forgive you.’

aaaaaaaaaaaaaarg too cute!

*head explodes

‘no I dunno where she got her cuteness from…?’

‘she plays wow? what a nerd.’

cute overload? yeah. I think so

third time is the charm.

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I’m pretty thoroughly convinced that the third time is the charm so no need to worry about tomorrow, ok?

we’re still here.

please welcome …

July 20th, 2006 § 0 comments § permalink

this is harrold. he’s a baby dracaena. please welcome him to the office plant family.

patricia is a “charmed velvet” or a oxalis. viola is a “concord blue” or a streptocarpella hybrid. please welcome the ladies [and harrold] to the family.

and as a special treat. aside from my feet and the pc and bits of popcorn left over by someone who likes popcorn [namely, not me] I keep a little stash of tasties in the morning [since I’m here at 6:30 in the morning and leave just in time for lunch].

this photo was in now way edited in photoshop aside from the usual levels correction and resizing

the closeup


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the smooths didn’t like the snow as much as the long hairs. they just hid under my car.

more snow photos here

I took a few photos today (:

February 1st, 2006 § 1 comment § permalink

I finally broke my baby back out and took a few shots. just playing around.

a year ago today…

December 28th, 2005 § 1 comment § permalink

who knew that a year ago today something would happen that would change our lives forever. we would start to move in a direction that we both had dreamed of but were too afraid to act on. who knew that all it would take was a dare and doubt slowly being overcome by the reality that unfolded before us in time.
who knew, that what I felt for you from the first moment I met you would become what it has today and what it’s growing into evermore. …we all knew I would be extremely mushy and gushy about it, it’s how I’ve always been. always dreaming.

but not anymore.

the bonsai museum

December 27th, 2005 § 0 comments § permalink

words can’t even begin to describe how I felt seeing these majestic and beautiful trees. being able to walk through the gardens with jason. the calm that overcame the both of us. the excitement at growing, cultivating, and training our own. I can’t even being… and these photos don’t do these works of art justice…

it was a good weekend.

September 26th, 2005 § 1 comment § permalink

can you tell? I’m sorry but I’m too lazy to put this in the pretty viewer and I’m too tired to edit the photos any further.

jason was naughty before the show even started!

he was even naughtier as the show was ending!

to say the least it was good times, the colors aren’t quite right but I’m exhausted so you’ll have to excuse me. enjoy!

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