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Date: Nov 15, 2004 08:57 PM
Subject: I was…
Body: going to leave you a profile comment but I saw yer way too loved and trendy so I thought I would make it more personal…

I love ya k8. I really do, dead honest.

I have no idea what’s in our stars nor do I hope for things to come but I just wanted you to know that I care for you immensly. Yer a great forgiving friend and I realised certain things about you last weekend that I never really saw before. I may even be starting to swoon for you. I know, shut the fuck up, but I do.

If things were different, I would honestly ask for your hand.


Dear Journal

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I forgot you even existed. You still live somewhere on my server and I pay for your domain name. What reminded me that you exist is my loneliness. *snot bubble* Jason is at the airport praying for his flight to get delayed and then outright canceled so that he can then call me, I can save him, and we can go back to snuggling on the couch watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC (in HD no less!) So here I am, also willing his flight and trip to be canceled but I know that’s just not going to happen. Now I have to decide whether or not I’m going to risk my life and venture into the city on a shitty day* like today so that I can meet the wonderful people of 2birds1blog at their Jäger Ball 2009. I have no one to go with and can’t drive either of our cars (summer tires and still summer ride height.)
I am sad and mildly afraid and daunted about spending the next six days by myself. Jason will be having a wonderful time (BETTER!!! *shakes fist) in Phoenix in a FIVE DIAMOND HOTEL, only three exist in this nation. Talk about baller. Thankfully I have planned nightly events to keep me distracted from how much I miss my boobear (gheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, I know) until he gets back.
I lost my train of thought and need to back to the couch womb.

hooray the beach!

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we made the 3 hour trek out to ocean shitty on saturday. we of course pit stopped at crazy ray’s (two weekends in a row!), Jason fixed my door lock problem and possibly my SAI problem. we didn’t actually care about the beach, we mostly wanted to go on a long relaxing drive and get our photobooth photo (that’s four summers in a row!). it was good to relax and soak up some sun but aruba changed our perspective of the beach (mine has always been skewed but growing up on a tropical island will do that to you). all in all it was an awesome weekend.

I have learned to quietly squeal in excitement so as not to annoy the hell out of Jason (;

and yes, saturday night, we were both out cold by 9:30

wedding teaser!!

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our party favor

We’re married!

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omgz we’re married!!


  • eat breakfast if you can stomach it
  • get hair did
  • get make up did
  • try to fit into dress
  • do NOT throw up
  • get married!!

Always and forever (:

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Always and Forever

Wake up!

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jkrate sleepy time

we went to a party!

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I saw this and swooned

too many flashes! when do I smile!

out of focus but the jesus phone makes it better!

he cleans up so well *swoon!

I guess I clean up alright (;

pretty decor!

out of focus again but still super cute!

ug. so hot. oh and mine! also, again with the jesus phone. (;

the thumbs up for this party! a hitch hikers thumbs up!

say peas! and goodnight!

It’s the wake up time!

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boo to poop weekends.

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so all in all this was a very good weekend but for the most part it was a big huge steaming heap of dung. mostly because I got to see Jason for a few hours on friday and a few hours on saturday. ok haters I know I shouldn’t complain and at least I have someone but I’m just that ghey for him and when I normally see him as often as I do when I don’t get to see him after a few days I start to go ape shit.

as a result I have created this master piece of an art work to reproclaim my love for Jason.

actually this weekend was very nice. friday night Jason and I took it easy and relaxed. saturday I bitched out of helping miemo move [I’m so sorry ):] because penny decided to wake me up at 6 that morning to throw up all over her hut then spray liquid poop all over my carpet. [sorry for the graphic details but after the fact this mental image is pretty damn funny] it started out with first throwing away this massive oriental rug [no, it’s not an asian rug. it’s oriental.] then it turned into “let’s get rid of the spare twin bed matress that’s shite anyway” and “let’s get rid of all your clothes you’re going to donate” and “remember those mountain bikes we never ride anymore? let’s get rid of those too”. of course on saturday it didn’t get any further then the backyard or the hallway outside my room. sunday however, was the mass exodus. we made one huge trip out to the thrift store, had to take two cars so one car and a trailer was jam packed and the other car had the people helping move this stuff into the thrift store. it took all damn day but now I have a functional bedroom and I’m fucked if penny does that poop thing on the carpet again because I can’t just throw out the carpet like this last time. oh and saturday evening I was lucky enough to be invited to vieve’s graduation party, I had a lovely time in the company of the beautiful vieve and her beautiful friends, and I finally got to meet her dad and step mom. oh and I got us lost in maryland and we almost ended up driving all the way around dc. oops.

now I need a nap.

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