Look where we are now…

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Date: Nov 15, 2004 08:57 PM
Subject: I was…
Body: going to leave you a profile comment but I saw yer way too loved and trendy so I thought I would make it more personal…

I love ya k8. I really do, dead honest.

I have no idea what’s in our stars nor do I hope for things to come but I just wanted you to know that I care for you immensly. Yer a great forgiving friend and I realised certain things about you last weekend that I never really saw before. I may even be starting to swoon for you. I know, shut the fuck up, but I do.

If things were different, I would honestly ask for your hand.


aw, you always know what to say

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JKREW : no I know. Sometimes I look at all the shit I have and don’t even want it anymore because all I need is Kate to be happy but yeah, I know how lucky I am =)
jmack: yeah plus
jmack: your girl has an incredible ass dude
jmack: sorry
jmack: you know it, she knows it, o8 knows it, every vw owner knows it
its true

mai boobear!

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Hire my husband! He will make your shit awesome.

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Even though Jason swears he wants to get out of design because he’s burned out on it I convince him a little more each day that he should stay in the field cause I’ve learned that he actually can shine shit. I’m just kidding, but he really is very good.

The Updated Portfolio of Jason Kress: 2008 – Current Day.

wedding teaser!!

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our party favor

we went to a party!

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I saw this and swooned

too many flashes! when do I smile!

out of focus but the jesus phone makes it better!

he cleans up so well *swoon!

I guess I clean up alright (;

pretty decor!

out of focus again but still super cute!

ug. so hot. oh and mine! also, again with the jesus phone. (;

the thumbs up for this party! a hitch hikers thumbs up!

say peas! and goodnight!

He loves him some kool aid

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can you believe…

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can you believe I’ve had this photo for about 5 years? funny that that fortune has also been there for the same amount of time. heh, who would’ve thought… neither of us did at the time. now it seems as if it was all inevitable, it would’ve happened somehow, someway, we would’ve ended up together. (:

let it be known…

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I have the bestest boyfriend EVER. in the entirety of absolutely everything. beautiful flowers [quickly becoming my favorite], sweet tasty treats, reading material, and fun stuff to keep me busy while I slowly try to get better.

too bad I wasn’t there to receive this in person. ): wish I had been there to jump into his arms and love all over him and “thank you” a million times and smother him in super closed mouth kisses [don’t want to get him sick you know]

thank you Jason (: you’re the best thing to ever happen to me.

where have you been all my life?

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yes please.

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